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We are a licensed taxi operator of Rijeka City. We have associated to provide a new service that isnít existed in our town Rijeka at the level that you deserve it. To this move, we decided because of the specifics of our business, which requires the presence 24 hours a day.

As we are at the taxi transport and passenger transport business more than 15 years, in order to be the best and closest to the citizens and visitors of our city of Rijeka, we decided to go on the Internet to offer our services to a wider range of potential users.

Taxi Transfer Service Rijeka transfer services offers transfers to / from airport, bus, railway stations across the Croatia and Europe. We were founded in the 2006th with the aim of providing quality transportation services to our customers from airports and to airports across the Croatia and Europe. We offer transportation services, transfers and taxi services at reasonable prices at the level of what you deserve. So we can offer a number of innovations, but flexibility is by which we are known and closer to our clients. Avoid the long waiting at the airport, long trips or uncomfortable public transport. By choosing our services, selecting our drivers that speak English, transportation to the destination will be comfortable, fast and safe - and all at affordable prices.

The time and place of departure is arranged by you so that we can provide transportation from the hotel, the airport or any other place that suits you. In case of airport transfer the driver will wait for you in the waiting room with your name written on the board. Private transport is organized by the "door to door". There is no limit on the amount of luggage you carry. Transportation service will make available the driver who knows English. In the event that your flight is delayed, not be charged additional fees for waiting. Type of vehicle (car) is selected to suit customer needs (number of passengers).

Taxi Transfer Service Rijeka city taxi service and passenger transportation services to airports - We will bring you the route from the Rijeka to the airport, or from the airport to Rijeka. Your Taxi Transfer Service Rijeka will wait for you. In case of flight delays Taxi Transfer Service River waiting at no additional cost.

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